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Is it worth putting solar on my business?

YES, If you own your building or property, have a long lease or are building a new commercial complex now is the time to invest in solar for your business. 


What size system do I need?

We analyse your past electricity bills and look at your normal and peak power usage over a week and the year on a day by day basis. We then design a system to ensure maximum utilisation of the electricity produced. System sizes range from 10kw up 100kw.


How do you design the system?

We look at the usage and by angling the panels east, north and west we have a more even spread of power over the day rather than a peak over the middle of the day. This allows more efficient use of the electricity produced.


Graph of expected power production with panels angled East, North and West.

All our commercial systems come with internet monitoring so we and you can see the performance of your system. We do a routine check on all commercial systems to ensure they are performing as expected. If we see any problems we report these to you and follow up on having them checked and rectified.


When designing the system if they are going on a roof we may need a structural engineering report to ensure the roof is capable of taking the weight. Depending on the system size we may need electrical engineer system drawing including connection to the grid. In some cases we have to also install a power factor device to ensure the power factor is at .9 or better. Some electricity suppliers will also require an application fee for reviewing the connection of larger systems to the grid.


What Panels and Inverters do Go Green Alliance recommend?

For standard commercial applications we use Power –One inverters three phase inverters which are made in Italy. Power –One is a world leading designer and manufacturer of Inverters. With panels we use the Phono or Canadian brands. Both these panels have a linear guarantee which means performance can be assured over the next 25 years. Phono are a Tier 1 solar company and as such their product is approved by Macquarie Leasing.

In some circumstances we recommend the use of microinverters attached to each panel. Microinverters have many advatages including reduced line losses, increased safety and back to base monitoring for simple analysis and troubleshooting.


What other mounting options do I have?

Depending on the area you have there is ground mount system utilising an earth anchor so no need for concreting.


Single and dual tracking systems are available with up to with up to 13 Kw per tracker these reduce the number of panels required and make best utilisation of the space available.


What guarantee do I have that any product faults will be looked after under warranty?

The product is supported in Australia with the manufacturers having offices based here.


What is the next step?


Just give us a call at Go Green Alliance and we can work out the best system for you and provide an obligation free quote.

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