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Is it worth putting solar on my house?

In short the answer is yes. However since the feed in tariffs are now down to 6c in Victoria and nothing in NSW then you only want to produce enough electricity for your own needs.

We see people putting on smaller systems from 1 to 3 kw. (5 to 15 panels)

If you ensure that you use your electricity during the day so you are using what you are producing then you will gain the financial benefit. This means, pool pumps, dishwashers, washing machines can all be used during the day along with your normal appliances such as refrigerators.

Normal pay back on a quality system is under four years.


What type of systems should I be looking at?

There is your standard system which has the panels and a single inverter or you can also purchase a system which has an inverter per panel. On the smaller systems the “micro Inverters” allow the panels to be positioned in various directions to better utilise the sunlight over the total day.


Systems with battery storage are also becoming more cost effective however currently the total cost is around twice that of a standard system.


What Panels and Inverters do Go Green Alliance recommend?

We use Power –One inverters which are made in Italy. Power –One is a world leading designer and manufacturer of Inverters from 1kw up to 27.5 kw. With panels we use the Phono, Canadian or Q panel. All these panels have a linear guarantee which means performance can be assured. Phono is a Tier one solar company.


What cost is involved in a system?

A 2.5 kw system with the Power- One inverter and Phono panels start from $4,700, This system will produce around 9kw per day. With desktop monitoring the cost is $5200.

A 1 kw system with Power-One Micro inverters and Phono Panels start from $4,700 and $5200 with desktop monitoring.


What guarantee do I have that any product faults will be looked after under warranty?

The product is supported in Australia with the manufacturers having offices based here.


Just give us a call at Go Green Alliance and we can work out the best system for you and provide an obligation free quote.


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