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FAQ Solar Battery Storage


Energy Independence?


Energy storage has come of age; with famous brands such as Tesla, ecoult, Growatt and LG in the market there has never been a better time to invest in state of the art residential and commercial battery systems.


What type of systems should I be looking at?


The type of system depends on your motivation. Energy storage systems need to be tailored to your needs;

do you want:

  • independence from the grid

  • reduction of daytime loads to preserve switchboard capacity

  • need to charge your car overnight

  • blackout protection

  • emergency backup

  • alternative to low feed in tariffs

  • environmental considerations

  • budget

  • battery type

  • warranty


What cost is involved in a system?


Example pricing for new systems complete with panels, inverter, energy storage and installation




15 Kw Commercial three phase installation with 16kw usable back up battery $86,409



Example pricing for upgrading existing systems to energy storage








Just give us a call at Go Green Alliance and we can work out the best system for you and provide an obligation free quote.



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